Mission: Navegación de Pacientes Internacional provides training in Spanish to Patient Navigators, Nurse Navigators, health educators, and communities, to reduce cancer and other health disparities, primarily in Latin America. Also, we support patients and health care providers with educational material and guidance for prevention.

Vision: We envision to save patients’ lives by empowering them to have access to health care and to be able to navigate their local health care delivery system. Access to health care is a universal Human Right. Good health and well-being are one of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Development Program.

What is Patient Navigation?

“Patient Navigation” has evolved from the successful program at Harlem Hospital to a national patient care and orientation movement. Dr. Harold Freeman developed the principles of navigation, and in 2005, the Law on Public Health Services was added to the Law for the Scope and Prevention of Chronic Diseases of the Patient Navigator (NP), according to the Association of Oncology Social work.

Patient navigation is a process through which trained people proactively guide patients within the complex system of health and cancer treatment, whose objective is to reduce barriers such as: finances, communication, health education and offer emotional support during All patient treatment, according to the Patient Navigation Guide, of the Montgomery County Coalition, Maryland.

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