Marta Quiñónez, a patient navigator with one of her colleagues, receives educational materials on breast cancer prevention, cervical cancer and care for the Caregivers.

Dr. Erick Estrada gynecologist at the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Guatemala received educational material on cervical cancer prevention, thanks to the collaboration of International Patient Navigators and The Rebuilding Lives Association. Thanks, Vivi Gramajo and Vilma de Vásquez.

Vilma de Vásquez, a patient navigator, supports one of her patients at the public hospital in Guatemala.

First meeting with new patient navigators to review how to access navigation resources on Google Drive, use Zoom, and Webinars before NPI’s training

Palliative Care conference, in collaboration with Rachel Allende, LICSW and the Ammar Ayudando Foundation, the only non-profit that offers this service in the city.

Dr. Patricia Chacón presented about The Health System in Guatemala and Breast Cancer Prevention; 70% of the population depends on public hospitals.

Drs. Sergio Ralón and Erick Estrada discussed breast and cervical cancer incidence in Guatemala. In 2018, 793 women died from cervical cancer compared to 485 who died from breast cancer, according GLOBOCAN.

Silvia Xinico, SW presented on the barriers that affect indigenous communities when they seek access to health care in Guatemala. Lack of interpreter services is number one barrier

Rutilia Gonzalez, RN presented on the barriers that affect patients when seeking access to health care in public hospitals. Lack of financial means and complicated referral processes for radiation treatments are some of the principal challenges.

Reconstruyendo Vidas Foundation’s team -- patient navigators/volunteers who have supported more than 200 cancer patients since 2017.

Dr. Erick Estrada comments on the importance of patient navigation

Juan Pablo Lezana presented on Incidence of Prostate Cancer

Sergio Ralón presents on breast cancer incidence in Guatemala

Dr. Chacón presents on health systems and breast cancer prevention